JG Ballard’s The Drowned World , an unnerving fantasy of cities lost beneath the ocean in cataclysmic climate change, deserves Radio 4’s riveting new version. Peter Kavanagh’s finely cast production suspends disbelief – uncomfortably. ****’  

Financial Times


‘This thoughtful, tragic tale of love in a far future in which animals and plants are ‘de-evolving’ back to Triassic levels is the first in a series adapted from sci-fi writer JG Ballard. James D’Arcy plays scientist Robert Kerans, a new-age Darwin charting life as it steps back down the evolutionary ladder. He and lover Beatrice (Hattie Moraham) refuse an order to evacuate a drowned London, only to meet a scavenger (the excellent Tim McInnerny) who is out to plunder the city. Although the plot is frequently shelved in favour of dreamy philosophising, this is still an enjoyably ambitious play.’

Mail on Sunday


‘a bleak tale of Earth submerged by environmental catastrophe, of humanity reverted to its primeval roots…a classic of dystopian fiction’.

The Times  






The Drowned World image 4


The Drowned World


adapted from JG Ballard    


Producer: Peter Kavanagh

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