Concrete Island

Adapted from J.G. Ballard.


BBC Radio 4  


Producer: Mary Peate



Melissa Mann @beatthedust    Impressive dramatisation of JG Ballard’s Concrete Island on R4 yesterday, part of the Dangerous Visions series...


Marianka Swain @mkmswain  

#Concrete Island was wonderfully chilling. Fantastic adaptation by Graham White @BBCRadio4 #jgballard


Oliver Forrester @OllyForrester   "I'm not a tramp, I'm an architect!"- #JGBallard's 'Concrete Island' on @bbcradio4 - a must listen


Seb Basher Moran @ColMoranSpecial    Everyone should listen to Concrete Island, it's Andrew Scott earporn.


Helen Bryant @TwigsTrillycake    Just heard a weird, disturbing and sad tale: The Concrete Island by J G Ballard - worth a listen.


Ashleigh. @ashleigh_r5    Somebody help him. Please? #AndrewScott #BBCRadio4 #ConcreteIsland #hesinpain


luno @freewomenxgrape  

I should listen to BBC Radio more often, simply loving it. Andrew talk to me while I'm studying #nowplaying Concrete Island - JG Ballard





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